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With a database of over five million companies and hundreds of searchable variables and attributes, you can find the best prospects to fuel your marketing and sales campaigns as trusted by 1,000 businesses.

Unlock the power of data

Our database holds over 5 million companies, with over 250 variables and attributes

Accurate data, every time

We get our B2B data from over 25 trusted sources to ensure the accuracy of the data you receive

Seamless integration

Custom integration options for Salesforce, SAP, and many other popular CRM platforms

All our UK business data in one place

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BusinessView allows you to connect directly to highly targeted prospects, with over five million companies on file and hundreds of search variables and attributes to choose from.

Our advanced filter functionality helps you refine your search criteria to find business contacts who want to hear from you. You can easily customize your search to find the perfect prospects for any marketing or sales campaign.

Be data ready

Dynamic forces are impacting how businesses communicate with their prospects and customers. To achieve success you need access to more than just a business database. Drive client value and deliver outcomes by being data ready with Experian BusinessView.

An approach that suits you

With custom integrations for a variety of popular customer relationship management platforms and self-serve and managed access options, BusinessView is adaptable to the needs of your business.

Talk to a member of our team today and see how BusinessView can help your business grow its customer base and make the most out of a data led approach.

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How can I access BusinessView

We will provide a solution that fits with your budget and requirements, but you can rest assured that our data is collected, compiled and delivered to the highest possible quality.

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The benefits at a glance

Market insights

Unlock market insights at scale

Drive pipeline

Drive your pipeline with advanced B2B intelligence

Maximise productivity

Maximise productivity by engaging with real contacts

Reach key decision makers

Reach key decision makers with 3.5M+ verified email addresses and 1.6M+ landline phone numbers

Accurate campaign execution

Execute campaigns to the highest level of accuracy, automatically identifying duplicates

Optimised consultancy

Benefit from our consultancy, optimised to find the right accounts tailored for you

Contact most likely to engage

Contact only those who are most likely to engage, with our data from over 20 trusted sources

Up to date contact details

Stay up to date with changing customer addresses and contact details, choosing from hundreds of search variables and attributes

BusinessView supports our trusted partners

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Experian worked extremely closely with us throughout to iterate the matching process with our client’s data set. The foundation for our success was the fact that they built a detailed and thorough understanding of our data, which ensured that we achieved as high a match rate as possible. They were creative in suggesting ways in which the matching process could be improved.
Amanda Arthur, Proximity London

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Frequently asked questions

Experian Business Information has been purchasing, analysing, and merging prominent B2B datasets from the UK, Ireland and beyond for nearly 40 years. In all of this time it has been clear that no single source database in any market is able to cover all needs.

The optimal database combines three virtues:

  1. Coverage - covering as many firms as possible in the market.
  2. Variety - maximising the amount and different types of information available on any one company.
  3. Integrity - sophisticated 'checks and balances', developed over the years that allow inconsistent or inaccurate data to be easily identified and removed.

In the UK in particular, the range of commercially available sources includes:

  1. Government databases (for example Companies House, Register of Charities), this is there for official company registration purposes and the filing of accounts and other company documents.
  2. Open government data (for example, FSA, Council data, Licensed premises data) available under the terms of the Open Government License.
  3. Online Business directories (for example Thomson, 118 information), where the primary aim is exposure to customers and therefore reliable in terms of contact information.
  4. Specialist databases (for example Infynd, Veridion, Corpfin), which focus on gathering multiple contact information for all businesses in the market, and sometimes with specific depth of data such as fleet or M&A information.
  5. Web-harvested information helping to validate other data sources as well as providing detailed information rarely found elsewhere.

The data collected by us is the foundation of the goods and services we offer and, as with the combination of data sources, the combination of individual items of information and human analytics can create data outputs for specific use cases (such as modelling, segmentations) which are more powerful than the individual items provided by our suppliers.

Experian relies on Legitimate Interests as our lawful basis for processing B2B email data and fully complies with both the GDPR and PECR (Privacy and Electronic Communications Regulations). Sole Traders and some partnerships are treated as individuals - so you can only email or text them if they have specifically consented, or if they bought a similar product from you in the past and didn't opt out from marketing messages when you gave them a chance.

You can email or text ANY corporate body (a company, a Scottish partnership, limited liability partnership or government body) just as long as you offer that company the chance to opt out and keep a suppression list of any opt outs you receive so that you can screen those companies out of future campaigns. Using targeted lists provided by Experian will help to ensure that you have a legitimate interest in contacting those companies included in campaigns you do contact.

Experian obtains it's B2B data from a variety of sources; Government registers such as companies house, datasets released by the government under the terms of the Open Government License, specialist marketing directories and publishers of business directories. For a more detailed explanation of our sources please refer to our marketing transparency notice which can be found here: