Buy Now, Pay Later (BNPL) or Deferred Credit has grown rapidly in recent years. Used by more than 17m UK consumers, it's seen as a quick and convenient way to spread the cost of shopping. However, the use of BNPL services has until recently been invisible to lenders. Experian’s BNPL or Deferred Credit data brings this information to market.

Working in partnership with BNPL providers, payment data is being shared reciprocally with Experian and other lenders who contribute to the bureau

This provides rich insight into the spending and repayment behaviour of consumers and demonstrates how people are using these services to manage their personal finances. Experian is empowering lenders to improve their understanding of an individual’s credit worthiness, based on their use of BNPL services and other lines of credit. Data can be used across the customer lifecycle to drive adoption, improve access to credit, help with responsive credit management and mitigate the risk of delinquency. Most importantly of all, it can help consumers manage their money responsibly. Experian’s BNPL payment data is available to access through a variety of services. These make it easy for you to consume and implement within your business. It is being provided in two formats: - Detailed transaction information for each BNPL account. - Summarised and aggregated transaction data formatted into a set of easy-to-use, decision ready metrics.

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The benefits at a glance

Working with some of the UK’s biggest providers of BNPL services to access and share payment data, making our coverage one of the most comprehensive.

Our coverage gives you access to more data. More data enables better insight, and better insight means more informed decisions.

BNPL data is available now, accessed immediately through our APIs to inform onboarding, or through batch append to help proactively manage customers.

Our suite of analysis, reporting and delivery tools gives you complete flexibility in how you consume and use payment data.

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Acquiring and managing customers confidently

Buy now, pay later (BNPL) solutions are reimagining lending and revolutionising the buying experience for consumers. Let us give you the insight you need to make better, informed decisions to grow your business without increasing risk to you or your customers.

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