Creating value for you: Experian’s Categorisation as a Service (CaaS) solution is driven by a suite of machine-learning algorithms, which quickly categorises 12-months of a customer’s bank or credit card transactions into one of 180 different income and expenditure categories. Categorising this transactional data gives invaluable insights into the financial wellbeing of your customers, where money is coming from, where it is going, financial behaviours and disposable income. Ultimately a granular, real-time picture of your customer and their financial situation and, as CaaS is deployed in your cloud environment, you are always in control of your sensitive data.

The benefits at a glance:

  • Get a more holistic view of your customers financial situation
  • Improve the accuracy of your decisions
  • Identify and offer more products to existing customers, or extend their limits responsibly
  • Accept more applications, quicker as you already have a view of their income and affordability
  • Identify warning signs so customers can be supported before they start missing payments
  • Save operational expense – and make objective decisions – for your collections process
  • Reduce manual data collection and underwriting time
  • Deliver better customer outcomes as you have a better understanding of each individuals circumstances

Tell us about you and your company’s needs:

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With help from Experian’s tracing solutions, we were able to reduce our ‘goneaways’ back book and reunite more of our customers with funds owed to them. This solution helps us work towards our original purpose of helping people take responsibility for their future and achieve a lifetime of financial security. The communication with Experian throughout the project was fantastic and we’re pleased with the results.
Sarah Simpson, Aegon

Functionality that delivers your goals

Reduce underwriting time and improve the accuracy of your decisions.
With CaaS, every new transaction only grows your insights, building a holistic real-time view of your customer which can be used to identify where to offer products, extend limits, or offer credit responsibly.
Customers benefit from a better, quicker, more personalised experience as you’ll be making decisions based on an accurate view of their situation, with an understanding of what they earn, spend and save and what they can afford to repay when they borrow, without having to ask them lots of time-consuming questions.
CaaS can also be used to spot patterns or changes in financial behaviour or circumstances where a customer may need support before they start missing payments.
As Experian CaaS is the only solution to categorise both current and credit card data in the UK, you know you will always be getting the most information, so you can do the right thing at the right time for your customers – and you.

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