Today’s UK credit lenders are faced with heightened complexity. The profiles of businesses you lend to are changing and the economic landscape is increasingly unstable.

Understanding how to navigate and thrive in complexity starts with truly understanding your own portfolio and your position in market. Experian’s Commercial CAIS Insight Dashboard compiles data from our Commercial Bureau, an industry-leading source of credit information on UK businesses, to help lenders benchmark themselves against the market. 

The dashboard includes 5 key reports: 

  1. Accounts and lending summary - a useful overview of your portfolio’s monthly accounts and lending.
  2. Portfolio split – a monthly breakdown of your portfolio vs the market so you can assess the spread of your portfolio against the market.
  3. Percentage of lending – monthly comparison of your accounts and lending performance against the market to understand the trajectory of your lending.
  4. Regional concentration – monthly regional spread of accounts and lending vs the market to understand where you may be over or under exposed.
  5. Trends over time – filter your portfolio by a range of segments including account type, sector, region, risk score, credit limit to view and assess trends and behaviours over time in your portfolio vs the market.

Your window into the bureau, helping lenders to assess their own portfolio and how they benchmark against the market

Experian’s Commercial CAIS Insight Dashboard compiles data from our Commercial Bureau, a leading source of credit information on UK businesses, to give you a view of the market. Turn complex data into informed decisions with an industry-leading source of Commercial data on UK SMEs.

The dashboard acts as a window into the bureau, providing you with a comprehensive view of your portfolio and performance in market. Use this insight to inform your strategy and make more informed credit and lending decisions, With near endless flexibility, the dashboard is purposely designed to be filtered and segmented to deliver relevant insight for a range of business needs. Use this insight to inform strategy across the whole credit lifecycle: 

  • Acquisition strategy – identify new market segments and customer profiles to target(and which to avoid). 
  • Product strategy – better understand your product or your portfolio’s strength and weaknesses in market and identify opportunities for new business cases or product development. 
  • Credit risk strategy – strengthen your underwriting analysis by exploring your risk appetite vs. the market, flag high risk areas that require mitigation and inform changes to your strategy. 
  • Customer management strategy – get a holistic view of your portfolio to understand customer profiles at high risk, or opportunities to upsell to. 
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  • Custom Integration available, Microsoft CRM, SalesForce, SAP
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The benefits at a glance

Designated Banks mandated to share data

Applies to all SMEs with

~4 million unique current accounts

Information on ~17 million commercial credit agreements

Active debt value greater than £180 billion

Up to 6 years payment history

Partnering with Experian has enabled Metro bank to tangibly improve its lending offering and service to SME customers through an automated, digital unsecured lending journey. Experian’s expertise across credit bureau data, decision systems and credit risk consultancy has been critical to delivering on this objective.
Ermal Ngjeci, Metro Bank (UK)

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