Experian’s Commercial Delphi Generation 6 is Experian’s newest score for Limited Companies, built to harness the latest and best data available. It is a powerful engine to help your business assess the commercial viability of customers and prospects, because combines market-leading expertise in scoring techniques with a blend of data assets to enable informed lending decisions. Commercial Delphi Generation 6 enjoys an increased discriminatory power of 17-19 percentage points compared to previous versions, enabling more accurate lending decisions across the whole credit lifecycle.

Recognising the growth of UK start-ups, we’ve updated our scoring segments to include nano and micro businesses

Commercial Delphi Gen 6 is Experian’s latest proprietary commercial risk score to assess a business’ likelihood of failure over a 12-month period. Our most accurate score yet, Commercial Delphi Gen 6 combines an enhanced blend of commercial and consumer data assets – including Commercial Current Account Turnover data – to robustly calculate a businesses’ commercial viability.

  • For the first time ever, Commercial Credit Data Sharing information, including Current Account Turnover Data and payment information on credit cards, loans, asset finance and commercial mortgages repayments is used to provide insight into an organisation’s cashflow and how well they pay back credit.
  • The Director’s Usual Residential Address is used to assess the organisation through the director’s consumer information, building a more comprehensive view of the business and the payment behaviour of its directors.
  • Plus, recognising the growth of UK start-ups, we’ve updated our scoring segments to include nano and micro businesses, providing tailored scoring for these business types which more accurately reflect the unique characteristics of these businesses.

Experian’s Commercial Delphi scorecards are indispensable in keeping abreast of changes in a customer’s financial standing so you can make movements in scores, rating and limits - in turn driving greater profitability and efficiency for your organisation.

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The benefits at a glance

Incorporation of new CCDS attributes

Retrieval of consumer data from a directors URA

Revised segmentation to reflect a changed business universe

Revised approach to align scores overtime as a company grows

Partnering with Experian has enabled Metro bank to tangibly improve its lending offering and service to SME customers through an automated, digital unsecured lending journey. Experian’s expertise across credit bureau data, decision systems and credit risk consultancy has been critical to delivering on this objective.
Ermal Ngjeci, Metro Bank (UK)
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Commercial Delphi Risk Scores

Commercial Delphi now includes Commercial Credit Data Sharing information. This data provides an insight into an organisation’s cashflow and how well they pay back credit - key to providing accurate risk assessments.

Understand just how impactful increased data accuracy in commercial risk scores can be we worked with two leading UK organisations.

Frequently asked questions

Commercial Delphi uses a complex blend of data points, combining external information with data distilled from our Commercial Bureau. 

  • Credit Data sharing data, including Current Account Turnover 
  • Average current days settlement beyond invoice terms 
  • Analysis of payments compared to the industry averages 
  • Unpaid invoiced accounts 
  • Payment trends 
  • County court judgements 
  • Derogatory data in associated companies of the directors 
  • Consumer credit score of director (where use permitted)
  • Insolvency events reported in London, Belfast and Edinburgh Gazettes 
  • Lateness of filing of financial statements 
  • Poor financial results 
  • Derogatory CAIS data

Increased predictive power enables your organisation to make more effective decisions across the whole credit lifecycle, from customer acquisition and onboarding to portfolio management and collections.

  • Increased automation across underwriting process to speed up acceptance
  • More accurate targeting to increase acceptance of good customers and reduce volume of bad customers
  • Proactively spot financial distress to reduce bad debt and arrears
  • Continuous ML to upsell / cross-sell customers on your books

We proactively monitor the market to identify factors that may materially affect scorecards, scores and limits and make pro-active adjustments as appropriate. In addition, we track commercial press releases that may have a bearing on a business’s financial standing before that impact is felt in any official reporting or data sources used within our automated scoring models.

Alerts are triggered by a range of events including profit warnings, share suspensions, liquidity problems, insolvency, extreme share price movements, acquisitions and mergers, etc.

Whenever a reported event contains information that could affect Experian’s Commercial Delphi score, rating and limit, the article will be scrutinised by a commercial analyst who will apply an override if appropriate. In extreme cases scores, ratings and limits will be withdrawn.

We will continue to monitor Commercial Delphi to ensure it remains highly predictive and relevant in the changing economic environment.

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