Experian’s Commercial Credit Bureau holds added-value data on over two thirds of the active Limited and over 3.25m active Non-limited businesses sourced from a wide range of data sources: public information, mandatory data sharing, voluntary data sharing and Consumer Credit data for Directors.

Experian’s Commercial Risk Scores help you identify changes in your customers’ credit behaviour and manage relationships effectively. They let you see details of each customer’s credit use and repayments to make more informed decisions for new and existing customers, whether you’re growing the account or managing risk. Risk scores are a powerful range of credit scores that enables you to quickly assess the risk within your existing portfolio and/or new credit applications.

Functionality that delivers your goals

Businesses financial circumstances change all the time, as they open and close accounts, make payments and use credit limits. The wider their business is spread, the harder it is to get a true picture of their financial behaviour. Detailed information about each individual business means better decision making, whether you’re assessing credit worthiness and risk or marketing a new product or service. By getting continual updates on a customer’s financial wellbeing, you can ensure you treat them appropriately and fairly at all times, allowing you to make the best credit decision at the point of customer application.

Together our data assets are real game changers in credit automation helping lenders streamline their decision processes. Experian not only provides public data but invests heavily in our unique data assets, namely our voluntary CAIS and Payment Performance schemes, supported by mandatory CCDS data (bank CATO and CAIS data). 

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The benefits at a glance

Predict the financial health of customers

Strengthen your risk strategies with a deeper understanding of your customers

Maximise the success of marketing campaigns by targeting customers who are financially robust

Develop fair and consistent customer management processes

Prioritise resources ensuring they focus on the right customers

Minimise the risk of financial losses by pre-empting some of the issues a failing business could face

Optimise collections strategies based on financial strength and immediate risks

Understand the customer’s financial status to tailor services better and reduce risk to the business

Partnering with Experian has enabled Metro bank to tangibly improve its lending offering and service to SME customers through an automated, digital unsecured lending journey. Experian’s expertise across credit bureau data, decision systems and credit risk consultancy has been critical to delivering on this objective.
Ermal Ngjeci, Metro Bank (UK)
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