Cookieless linkage and addressability

UK households have a range of digital devices connecting to a diverse mix of media and channels. Being able to match relevant IDs across these touchpoints and back to your own customer data is fundamental for effective data-driven marketing. Yet, brands and publishers face increasing signal loss as the advertising industry reckons with the phased removal of third-party cookies.

But the demise of cookies need not mean the demise of addressability.

Introducing Consumer Sync: an interoperable linkage solution which connects and resolves a vast range of offline and online signals, channels and devices at scale within a single household.

Open and agnostic; Consumer Sync is purpose-built to help marketers more effectively scale and engage their audiences in a new cookieless era.

Diverse range of identifiers

Resolves UIDs, IPs, HEMs and more

Wide-reaching scale

Coverage of over 55% of UK households

Rich insight

Demographic file of over 95% of the UK population

Helping brands and publishers understand, extend and measure

Linkage and addressability at scale

With coverage of over 55% of UK households and over 120m digital identifiers, Consumer Sync provide the scale brands, agencies and publishers need to reach untapped audiences and enable campaign uplift. This is uniquely overlaid and verified against ConsumerView, Experian's proprietary demographic file of over 95% of UK population, to ensure accuracy and the ability to enhance customer data with rich demographic insights.

Coverage across a diverse range of identifiers, channels and devices including CTV, UIDs, IPs & Hashed Email Addresses.

Layer authenticated and unauthenticated audiences with rich demographic insights to offer tailored personalisation.

Measure campaign success and attribute offline and online sales to marketing activities.

Effective digital onboarding

Many organisations sit on a wealth of offline data but are unable to translate this into the digital world, resulting in missed opportunities to reach and activate their first-party data online.

Experian's addressability and linkage capability enables organisations to connect their first-party IDs to a range of other digital IDs to more effectively reach these audiences online and onboard IDs for digital activation. This is critical for strengthening marketers' ability to personalise messaging based on your own customer segments, and drive media efficiencies through audience suppression.

Turn unknown visitors into known audiences

Brands and publishers have huge volumes of unknown visitors landing on their digital properties every day - without knowing who they are or how best to engage them.

Experian's Consumer Sync use machine-learning algorithms to intelligently stitch together site traffic to other identity datapoints to make the unknown, known. Plus, overlay resolved IDs with Experian's rich demographic insight to understand who is interacting with your brand, their demographic profile, and their interests, propensities, and behaviours. Use this insight to inform engagement strategy and tailor content.

Enable audience extension

Sophisticated addressability and linkage from Experian matches and connects offline and online identifiers, to enable reach of your site visitors or customer data across the open web. By leveraging Experian's cookieless solution for audience extension, you can scale your coverage of customers or site visitors by retargeting these audiences across a range of devices and channels to ensure relevant end-to-end exposure. Plus, enrich your first-party data with Experian's rich demographic insights, to build look-a-like models which you can use to further scale your audiences to buy against in market.

Compete in market by offering advertiser value and omnichannel marketing experiences through wide-reaching scale and extended reach.

End-to-end measurement

Measuring incrementality is a challenge for fragmented media channels or brands and publishers with disperse customer data. By connecting and resolving offline and online data, Experiancan facilitate richer measurement and attribute sales back to marketing, helping to drive better understanding of campaign performance and demonstrate the value of your content and campaigns.

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How can I access Consumer Sync?

A tag is placed on your digital properties or a datafeed is set up to connect your first-party data to Consumer Sync.

Resolved IDs can be returned to clients via cloud, SFTP or pushed into an activation platform of your choice.

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The benefits at a glance

Wide-reaching scale

Reach across 55% of UK households and 120 million digital identities, with roadmap for further coverage.

Cookieless by design

Intentionally built without a reliance on 3rd party cookies and instead leverages a variety of signals including CTV, UID, IP and HEMs.

Privacy focused

Respecting consumer privacy, connected IDs are returned at a household level and leverage captured user consent.

Enabling Audience Extension

Use linkage to more effectively retarget audiences and build first party audience extension models to activate in open market at scale.

High levels of Deterministic and Probabilistic Matching

Extensive deterministic matching of ID's through the connection to our offline marketing data, and probabilistic matching through our vast range of digital IDs.

Unlocking Audience Insight

Layer authenticated and non-authenticated IDs with demographic insights to enable personalisation.

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Frequently asked questions

Consumer Sync is an interoperable linkage solution which connects offline and online identifiers to help marketers resolve, understand and extend their audiences. This fundamental need to connect and resolve IDs enables a number of different use cases and user needs:

  • Brands and agencies: The Consumer Sync solution helps brands or agencies working on behalf of brands to resolve identities to enable omnichannel marketing across a range of touchpoints, the ability to tailor content, campaigns and CX and more readily attribute and measure marketing activity.
  • Publishers: The Consumer Sync solution helps publishers to maximise and scale their audiences, resolve identities across authenticated and unauthenticated traffic and enrich these identities with demographic insights. Critically, this enables them to offer more value to advertisers across their properties.
  • Platforms: We can also offer a direct integration of the Consumer Sync matching process to help platforms onboard new identities, increase scale of audiences, and offer more tailored targeting and therefore value for their clients.

The solution covers 55% of UK households and more than 120 million digital IDs. Experian have an ambitious growth strategy for organic scale to drive further penetration into UK market.

Consumer Sync is underpinned by Consumer View, Experian's proprietary offline repository of over 95% of UK population which allows us to verify IDs.

Consumer Sync is aligned to the Internet Advertising Bureau (IAB)'s Transparency and Consent Framework (TCF 2.2). The solution resolves IDs at a household level to protect the individual identities of consumers. We also provide transparency through our Consumer Information Portal which provides information to consumers on how their data is used and ways to opt out, should they wish to do so.

We offer initial Proof of Value match tests for prospective clients to test their first-party data against the Consumer Sync match process. Once contracted, we can provide a simple pixel deployment to use across your digital properties. For offline data, we can set up data feeds to facilitate the data flow and matching process. Resolved data can be returned to you via the delivery mechanism of your choice including SFTP, API or Cloud.