Your customers are your businesses’ most valuable asset. Maintaining regular contact with them is key. Yet, constant changes in the UK & Irish population means customer contact information is always decaying. To keep up to date, your business needs to be consistently reviewing your customer contact information, to validate correct records and remove incorrect or expired data.

Cleanse your contact data with Experian Marketing Services

Every year, hundreds of thousands of people in the UK and Ireland move address, pass away, or opt out of all marketing communications. Experian holds the most comprehensive and accurate contact data portfolio in market, across a range of proprietary and third-party data files. We use these files to validate your contact data and identify customer records that are out of date or incorrect and should be suppressed from your database. Our Contact Suppressions service can be delivered via API for an automated, periodic cleanse of your database, or via our client services team for a bespoke or one-off service. • Available via API or client services team • Available as a single record look-up or bulk upload • Address Validation and Data Enrichment also available via API or client services

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The benefits at a glance

Cut operational costs – reduce waste and unnecessary processing costs by removing out of date or inaccurate records

Increase response rates – drive customer engagement by focusing on the customers who can respond

Meet your regulatory GDPR requirements – by ensuring you keep your customer data up to date and accurate

Avoid negative brand perception – reduce risk of sending inappropriate or inaccurate marketing communications

Frequently asked questions

Contact Suppressions are the regular or ad-hoc removal of out of date, or inaccurate records from your marketing contact database. This is done by comparing your customer data against Data Suppression files, either Experian-owned or from respected third-party sources such as the Royal Mail, to validate your records and highlight any out of data records. Where we identify records which should be suppressed, we will return this as a flag against the record.

Contact data decays every single day (moving house, deaths, and marriages for example), so cleaning and keeping it up to date is crucial for Contact Data Owners if they want to keep their data lists and target mailings accurate and effective. Accurate contact data helps to reduce operational costs, increase engagement, and maintain a better relationship between yourself and your customers.

The data sources we use for Contact Suppressions can be divided into four areas: Deceased, Goneaways, Movers and Marketing Preferences. We use a range of Experian-owned and third-party data sources to help drive a high level of accuracy across our Contact Suppressions service. These include sources such as: National Change of Address (NCOA) – this data file is owned by the Royal Mail and provides an update of all changes of address in the UK either through moving house or change of house name. Mortascreen - a verified list of those who have recently deceased, owned by The Ark. Mailing/Telephone Preference Service – data files maintained by The Direct Marketing Association which captures people who have registered to not receive any unsolicited emails or phone calls.

Experian Marketing Services offers two delivery mechanisms for our suppressions service, the Suppressions API or a bespoke client services offering.

Contact Suppressions are charged on a ‘per flag’ basis; you will only be charged where a suppress flag is returned against your records. There is varied pricing across deceased, goneaways and marketing preferences flags. Please fill in the form below to get a full breakdown of pricing.

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