Give your portfolio a cost of living health check and understand your risk from economic and affordability pressures.

Factor economic forecasting into your decision making

Energy prices, interest rates and affordability in an ever-changing economic climate. Economic modelling adds meaning to those things we just can’t count. Helping you understand the likely impact of various factors on your credit portfolios and markets when calculating affordability and risk. Experian’s account level, data-based models are designed to help you understand those economic uncertainties and their likely impact on your customers, now and in the future. With insight into the market today, and its likely impact on your customers in the future, combined with our business intelligence, economic insight and strategic modelling, you can foresee and future-proof risks, confidently take up opportunities– albeit with a measured and flexible approach, and understand the particular risks to your individual customers.

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The benefits at a glance

Understand and stress test your portfolio risk at account level based on multiple economic variables, including the cost of living and inflation

Understand geographies, households and customer trends to pinpoint and predict future concerns

Understand what adjustments can be made to your portfolio to improve growth or mitigate risk

Assess future risks and opportunities with instant econometrics built from key variables

Analyse your market(s) and portfolio and understand how they relate to competitors, economic trends, evolving compliance and emerging market condition

Receive timely reports directly to your mailbox for the latest picture on economic changes

Calculate expected credit losses, classified and measured to IFRS 9 standard

Define regional opportunities and benchmark against similar locations

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