Credit 3D enables you to build a multi-dimensional and robust view of your customers, so you can make more informed, accurate and faster decisions about them; increasing the predictive accuracy of existing scores by creating deeper insight through enriched data, rather than relying on traditional data alone.

Functionality that delivers your goals

Credit 3D brings traditional bureau credit scores, alternative and open data together with the latest data science, machine learning and advanced analytics techniques to build a comprehensive, multi-dimensional and accurate picture of your customer credit portfolio. In seconds, credit providers can make accurate and robust decisions to grow top-line revenues and reduce bottom-line costs across the customer credit lifecycle.

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The benefits at a glance

The only provider to combine business and director/owner information with payment and credit history

Data on 49m individuals across 500 different variables

We have applied AI and ML in the creation of our scores for over 34 years to ensure we always create the best predictive models

Create a view up to 72 months on key data

Our Affordability Check product checks 100% of transactional data with 90% accuracy across most categories

Identify up to 70% of a customer's income, expenditure and credit debt

Used in association with credit scores, bank transaction data can provide Gini uplift on conventional credit scores by 5-10%

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