With the right analytics, you can make informed, more accurate and consistent decisions. This tailored layer of insight means you become more creative in what you want to explore, the products you want to launch – and the risks you must prioritise.

Our data and analytics services put the most transformative software into your hand

You enjoy all the benefits of the cloud to power advanced analytics through innovative technology and data assets. With Experian, you can implement advanced analytics without the need, expense or time constraints of using in-house experts. Insight analysis: Use or build pre-configured or custom insight dashboards and drill-throughs to identify opportunities. And perform in-depth analysis of the underlying data to scrutinise and verify opportunities. Define, build and test: Define the scope and key measures of an opportunity. Build out data pipelines using your own combined with our data assets. Develop product and risk strategies and model developments using advanced analytical toolsets. Deploy and monitor: Extract newly developed and tested models to be deployed in your eligibility/credit decisioning systems. Once done, set up custom monitoring dashboards to monitor and measure success.

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The benefits at a glance

Access Experian’s world-class data to gain broader market visibility, access industry benchmarking tools and turn data into action.

Supports growth agenda, leading to faster consumer onboarding, smarter lending, collections decisions and greater confidence in risk calculations.

React swiftly and responsibly to industry trends as well as internal priorities like a sudden spike in delinquencies.

Get equipped to review the performance of long-standing models to ensure sufficient rigour in your processes and adhere to best practice techniques.

Have the data you need to respond to increasingly complex and costly auditing requirements, particularly where analytics need to be justified.

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