The person behind the transaction is your customer. Or are they? Don’t let the anonymity of online commerce become a vulnerability for your business. Know the difference – with certainty – between a customer and a fraudster. Staying ahead of regulation and compliance is made simple using our KYC validation, allowing you a quick and seamless customer experience whilst completing all required checks

Functionality that delivers your goals

As more business shifts to the online channel, there is a growing need to find easier, more cost-effective ways to comply with Know-Your-Customer policies and regulations.
Providing necessary UK checks to ensure you can confirm the identity of your potential customers, plus comprehensive international checks (where necessary).
Our extensive menu of Identity Attributes provide checks and validation of the legitimacy and accuracy of an identity, along with the elements that constitute that individual’s digital identity.

CrossCore Identity Services for Age Verification
  • Free Demo - Live, Video
  • Cloud based
CrossCore Identity Services for Age Verification

The benefits at a glance

Bespoke solution that matches your risk profile

UK and International Checks

Transparency - providing you with increased control and ability to make the right decisions for your business

Single, flexible platform allows for quick and easy updates

Cloud based solution for scalability with no down time

Minimise operational costs by improving staff efficiency

Billions of regularly updated data items

Frequently asked questions

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