Data profiling. It sounds complicated, but in simple terms, it’s like looking at information under a microscope to understand it completely and make useful discoveries. It’s a process that helps you use your data to its maximum potential.

Functionality that delivers your goals

Troubleshoot problems: Spot and prevent data errors, such as formatting mistakes, and fix problems before they damage your business. Improve efficiency: Discover valuable information to make your business more efficient, for instance, ways to streamline deliveries and better target marketing campaigns. Save time: Analyse vast amounts of information fast, with no need for time-consuming batch processing.

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The benefits at a glance

Over 60 statistical tests

Add your own additional Validations via friendly UI

Auto-suggested validations based on the Data Profile

Identify outliers

See data-type mismatches

Profile all the data, or just a sample

Profile on load or at any stage of a workflow

Easily chart results and monitor improvements over time

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