Driving decisioning across the lifecycle from simple to complex. Decisioning as a Service is a new Experian One cloud hosted, AI-augmented decision management service, designed to help those who want instant decisioning without full originations. It enables deployment of analytics and machine learning, delivering high-quality decisions at pace.

PowerCurve® Decisioning as a Service (DaaS) on the Experian cloud is an AI-powered decision management service that underpins lifecycle decision iterations from originations, customer management, to collections and recoveries

Experian’s Decisioning as a Service is a flexible solution which allows you to achieve no-code/low-code decisioning from simple to complex. Our API microservices architecture enables you to easily switch on new services or increase the level of self-service configuration to support your business growth. As it leverages the power of integrated decisioning and advanced analytics, it facilitates rapid iteration of strategies.

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The benefits at a glance

Put you in control of changes to decision strategies and policies to minimize dependence on IT with an intuitive , low code/no code interface

Online PowerCurve Strategy Design Studio for customer strategies and powerful,cloud-based enterprise decisioning service enabling accurate assessments

Empower you with integrated insights by maximizing data and analytics to drive effective decisions across customer touchpoints

Deploy machine learning models and make more proactive decisions driven by AI insights

Enable you to implement changes with confidence through impact assessment and strategy simulation prior to strategy changes

Streamline your decisioning that spans the entire customer lifecycle to improve customer satisfaction

Support regulatory requirements through auditable decision processes

Our API and microservices architecture enables you to easily inject sophisticated decisioning processes into existing operational systems

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