In a time of changing consumer behaviour, increased economic uncertainty and heightened regulatory focus, you need to ensure you have access to the best data to inform your decisions. Granular insight on a customer’s financial status. Underpins fair, transparent and responsible treatment. Demonstrates your commitment and accountability for responsible decision-making.

Our data and insight helps you to get a better understanding of conduct risk. Our APIs connect you to the data and insight needed to streamline your onboarding.

Scorecards: Access our most recent and up-to-date scores, along with data attributes that can be used to personalise insight and decisions. It uses the behaviour trends of customers from over 36 months to understand their score today and in the future.

Data Blocks: To customise Scorecards further, there’s the option to add extra product and market-specific financial data blocks.

Trended Data: Our Trended Data Block captures credit usage and performance trends over 6, 12, 24 and 36 months.

Affordability: Affordability IQ is a frictionless way to understand a individual’s income, stability, and source of funds. Using our latest CATO data, you can ensure the service you provide is proportional to what a customer can truly afford.

Delphi Data Insights: Use our Current Account Turnover (CATO) data to assess the impact and aftershock of the pandemic on a consumer’s financial health. Access fortnightly insight on an individual’s income stability, and changes to current account turnover.

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The benefits at a glance

Grow my business and remain competitive without increasing risk - make more informed decisions

Increase efficiencies with fast access to data to ensure frictionless onboarding

Respond quickly to changing regulatory requirements and adhere to CONC, conduct risk and TCF rules

Treat customers fairly and responsibly - match the right customers to, the right products to maintain profitability

Frequently asked questions

Our Delphi for New Business scorecard can help you, as a reputable credit provider, to understand new customer credit health and predict how likely your customers are to maintain a credit agreement. We pull data from a multitude of sources, which means that you can make your credit risk decisions with less risk and more speed. The Delphi for New Business scorecard integrates into your systems via an Application Programming Interface (API), using common XML language.

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