Lengthy and laborious checks can force them to look elsewhere. However, protecting your customers and business from fraud is essential in order to operate responsibly. Detect helps to identify fraud at the point of application to offer the best possible experience for your customers, while helping you to reduce the risk of application fraud.

Functionality that delivers your goals

Detect allows you to increase your fraud protection whilst speeding up the acceptance of good customers. With application fraud a continual problem experienced in the industry and fraudsters methods continually adapting and evolving, Detect provides a quick and straightforward way to assess the likelihood of an application containing manipulated information or stolen identities. Detect both benefits and protect your customers at the same time; providing an improved experience for genuine customer while also protecting your business.

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The benefits at a glance

Review and screens credit applications against multiple data sources to highlight anomalies

Real-time checks that do not lengthen or disrupt the customer journey

Improved visibility of fraud, allowing you to identify suspicious activity which may not be visible during a standard credit check

Manage and reduce operational costs

Protect and improve customer experience

Compatible with Experian Hunter

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