Our analytics and forecasting are able to map out where the demand for charging is likely to be at what point. Experian's EV Insights for the Energy Sector delivers highly accurate modelling and forecasts on the uptake of EVs in an area to assist with planning and predicted energy consumption.

Understand who is buying EV's now and who will be buying in the future to help assist with planning decisions

Using our insights linked to car ownership data from the DVLA, we are able to: - Understand the relevant areas to see demand for home installations - Understand who has access to home charging vs who will need to access public charging - Combine models and forecast the likelihood of EV take-up by MOSAIC consumer type with the potential to own a driveway for home charging. With insights delivered to you via our intuitive dashboards, or as data directly delivered into your own planning tools, you can instantly see the personas of the people who currently own all makes and models of EVs and the probability of them owning an EV using our adoption curve methodology combined with home ownership details enables you to see who is likely to be an early adopter of electric vehicles and who is likely to purchase from new or from used.

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The benefits at a glance

Utility Location Dashboard

EV Adoption Curve models - understand EV purchases by persona

Household driveway prediction model

Consumer attitudes to environment and other EV considerations

Reach your target audience through streamlined marketing activation

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