Boost gives people across the UK the chance of accessing better and more affordable deals for credit by helping lenders get a fuller picture of consumers’ financial behaviour. Consumers who have shown to manage their finances can instantly boost their Experian Credit Score for free using information about their everyday financial transactions that were not recognised previously.

Around 63% of those going through the Boost journey see an increase in their credit score which in turn could lead to improved access to more affordable products and offers in the market.

Experian Boost is an additional value-added data block that can be taken in addition to Delphi Select. Lenders can access the Boost Score and supporting 96 data sets across five categories of transactional data, including: Total Debit/Credit; Digital entertainment payments Council tax payments; Savings and investments. Categories are presented as variables by the total number of transactions across a 12-month period.

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The benefits at a glance

Promote your brand as a company that is actively providing opportunities for consumers to increase their access to suitable credit products.

Make better lending decisions by using additional data to gain a more complete picture of a consumer.

Offer or underwrite credit to more people, whilst maintaining your existing risk appetite.

Boost incorporates the Boost score and 96 data categories across five categories of transactional data.

Categories are then presented as variables by the total number of transactions and the number of transactions across a 12-month period.

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