Experian Fraud Score brings the next generation of fraud prevention capability to any organisation that is serious about combatting and preventing fraud. Using our industry-leading analytics and machine learning models, Experian Fraud Score helps you protect your organisation by leveraging our extensive intellectual property and data to provide a simple to use and consume fraud propensity score.

Experian Fraud Score brings the next generation of fraud prevention

At Experian we have simplified the process to allow a simple, highly effective, and predictive fraud prevention capability to be easily integrated into any organisation wanting to stop fraud Whether you are an organisation taking your first step into fraud prevention, or a sophisticated team with multiple technologies and capabilities already in place, Experian Fraud Score provides additional insight and protection, helping you to spot fraud at point of application or transaction, and throughout the customer lifecycle. Experian have been able to leverage the knowledge and power of thousands of global fraud prevention experts, billions of credit applications and application data points, alongside years of confirmed fraud data, to produce a highly predictive fraud propensity score. Simply submit basic application information such as name, address and date of birth, via CrossCore, and we will return to you a fraud score. Allowing you to make a refer or accept decision.

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The benefits at a glance

Proven to accurately identify 2 in 3 frauds from the riskiest 1% of transactions

Identify fraud that has been previously overlooked

Highly accurate at predicting fraud across an extensive range of use cases

Eliminates the need for consortia membership and weeks of performance training

Always adapting to keep pace with fraudulent activity

Free up resource with performance managed by Experian analysts

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