To succeed in the cards and loans market today you need to have an effective strategy for offering your products on price comparison websites. Getting your products to top of the table for the customers you want to attract and giving those customers the confidence to apply is fundamental. We recognise you need to increase efficiencies and reduce costs as you do this, which is where we can help.

Experian Hosted Eligibility Hub

Functionality that delivers your goals

The Hosted Eligibility Hub enables you to provide eligibility for your products to consumers across channels via the largest distribution of traditional and emerging price comparison sites, so only consumers who are most likely to be accepted apply. We create an aligned decision to your full application process by setting up an identical account with your bureau provider(s) and mirroring the credit policy rules. We host your entire eligibility solution and our dedicated experts maintain it for you.

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The benefits at a glance

Our experts manage and maintain all of your connections into price comparison sites

Offering your products to the high volumes of consumers searching on price comparison sites

Consumers’ likelihood of acceptance is calibrated to mirror the full application decision outcome

Pre-qualifying customers maximises accepts at full application as only eligible consumers apply

Respond quickly to market changes with online access to EligibilityIQ’s performance data

Leverage our new data, features and partners to give you a competitive edge

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