Experian Mule Score analyses both the payer and the payee account opening history, turnover activity, and modelled characteristics of more than 200,000 confirmed mule cases. The machine learning-powered solution enables banks to assess their entire portfolio so they can easily spot questionable account activity.

Our solution uses the latest data and advanced AI to detect money mule activity quickly

Experian Mule Score is able to identify accurately more than 50% of highest risk ‘mule’ accounts flagged by the ML model (1 in 2 true positive). The solution will help financial organisations avoid onboarding suspicious accounts at the point of opening, reduce fraud losses and operational costs from reimbursement, and support consumers who are at risk. To onboard new customers the solution will be delivered via our CrossCore platform and will assess their potential for becoming a mule before they have even opened an account with you. For our in-life solution this will be done via offline batch where there will be no requirement to send us any data, we will run your back book on a regular basis – allowing you to see how your current customers accounts are developing and allow you to check those who might have previously been low risk but no need to be reviewed and action taken.

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The benefits at a glance

Avoid onboarding money mules and detect in life cases

Comply with regulatory requirements

Reduce scam reimbursement losses caused by mule activity and avoid unnecessary operational cost of victim case management

Protect and maintain your brand reputation in the market

Consumer duty - Support your customers at risk of financial loss and distress

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