ExPin is a unique personal identification number (PIN) assigned to everyone in the UK, which matches multiple financial records enabling you to quickly see which records belong to the same person, confidently link them together, and enable a single customer view.

Functionality that delivers your goals

Inconsistent customer records make it hard for businesses to link records together and see all of a customer’s activity in the same place. And without that overview, you risk going against compliance, irritating customers with duplicate or irrelevant messages, and missing valuable sales opportunities. By letting you identify existing customers and get a more complete view of everyone on your system, ExPin allows you to make more informed decisions and give a better customer experience.

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  • Cloud based
  • Custom Integration available

The benefits at a glance

Spot crossover between unconnected internal systems

See which new applicants already have products with you, and which are returning customers

See all customer activity and total value so you can manage and communicate with each individual in the most appropriate way

Identify duplicate customers

Offer the most appropriate products and services

Only upsell and cross-sell suitable products

Link all customer information together

Identify records that don’t belong to a genuine customer

Frequently asked questions

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