Build stronger relationships as you build your business. As the UK’s most recognised provider of credit information, we offer unrivalled insight into consumer finances, making it easier for you to target new customers, keep existing ones happy and grow your business. Our tools can help you build a brand that encourages transparency, trust and stronger relationships with your customers.

Functionality that delivers your goals

Now more than ever, consumers need to feel supported to reach their financial goals. Our Financial Education tools allow you to gain a detailed picture of a consumer’s financial position using key insights from their credit bureau data and their transactions. This allows you to respond faster to changing customer needs, provide them with real-time alerts, and drive better outcomes for your customers and your business. As you get to know your customers better, build customer journeys that empower them to make quicker, well-informed decisions that help them save money, whilst enabling you to build a high-impact business that brings real value to your customers’ lives.

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The benefits at a glance

Connect with new customers - Create engaging, tailored messages based on powerful insights to attract new customers faster and more effectively

Save time, reduce costs - Cut the time and complexity of analysing credit behaviour, income and spending to help your customers manage their money

Stronger customer relationships - Use our real-time insights to build trust, help customers find better products and take control of their finances

More robust insight - Our Categorisation Engine provides highest accuracy in the market (95%) and calibrates to 98% accuracy after implementation

Data Quality - Experian have the highest quality bureau data with ~85% of credit active application population on the bureau

Brand value and recognition - The Experian brand is trusted and recognised for helping consumers get access to better financial services

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