With internet use at its highest level and more and more people deciding to stick to online transacting than more traditional methods – it’s vital that you can identity the difference between an actual customer and somebody trying to commit fraud.

Functionality that delivers your goals

Designed to provide you with a multi-layer protective solution to online fraud, FraudNet identifies every device visiting your site without the use of tags, cookies or flash objects. It uses device intelligence to highlight fraud indicators, including inconsistencies and multiple transactions from a single device. FraudNet can differentiate individual devices regardless of past activity, credentials presented, or the connection used, which can often be spoofed.

  • Free Demo - Live, Video
  • Cloud based
  • Custom Integration available

The benefits at a glance

Global online fraud detection

All channel device recognition

Identify suspicious activity

Risk management software

Help reduce fraud losses

Gain higher visibility into fraud risks across online channels

Frequently asked questions

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