It’s easier than ever to gamble, but with this brings a greater risk of problem play. 

With an estimated 2.2 million players at-risk, gaming operators need to work continually to prevent customers crossing the line from fun to addiction and into financial distress.

Gaming Vulnerability IQ provides accurate insights on an individual’s financial well-being, providing real-time access to data on a player’s capacity to play, which can be used to inform spending limits and identify vulnerability, keeping gaming fun.

With better data you can make better informed, more balanced decisions that don’t impact on the player experience whilst meeting regulatory responsibilities to protect customers and avoid foreseeable harm.

A better gaming experience

Currently, many existing financial risk checks involve modelled or summarised postcode information, that use geodemographics or government estimates of income and expenditure for players.  These checks are often generic, inaccurate and do not reflect an individual’s true financial position.  

Our credit bureau gives you a more personalised view of a player’s financial well-being;

Financial Vulnerability Checks – A range of public and geodemographic data enabling a light-touch assessment of an individual’s financial vulnerability including credit searches, County Court Judgements (CCJs), bankruptcies and IVAs.

Enhanced Financial Risk Assessments – A more detailed assessment of financial risk utilising our credit and current account turnover data.  Access insights on credit searches, credit scores, utilisation and indebtedness, payment performance, cash advances and overdraft use, as well as current account income and expenditure, income shock and debt to income ratios. Data can be provided as a set of simple indices, red, amber, green (RAG) flags, or a series of policy breaches to identify financial stress.

Open Data – for deeper insight you can access, with consumer consent, digital payslips to verify employment and source of income or Open Banking to verify spending behaviour including gambling, current account balance, disposable income and use of overdraft.

Single Customer View (SCV) - Our combination of identity resolution, data quality and single customer ID delivers transparency and control to your understanding of players. We help you build a single, consistent view of a player and their spending across multiple accounts to inform your assessment of their financial risk.

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Download Gaming Vulnerability IQ product sheet

The benefits at a glance

Keep players safe and deliver a more responsible gaming experience

Limit bonus abuse with a single customer view, and understand the full extent of a player’s gaming behaviour across multiple accounts

Light-touch, real-time and proportionate access to data that enables you to accurately assess if a player is financially stressed and vulnerable

Put an end to postcode averages of income to assess affordability and financial risk

Demonstrate your compliance with industry regulation and illustrate your commitment to providing a responsible and enjoyable gaming experience

Proactively monitor a player’s income and spend to manage and support changes in their financial circumstances, identifying stress and limiting risk

Experian’s RESTful API links provide simple, seamless integration, vital for making fast, informed decisions on player behaviour

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