Consumers expect 24/7 access to online services and tools that will provide them with an accurate quote, instantly. That’s where iCache can help. iCache is used by over 50 insurance companies to enrich over 15 million transactions a day – that’s around 3 billion every year.

Functionality that delivers your goals

iCache is a platform that delivers information in real time, quickly and reliably; providing the data enrichment you need, from one trusted, highly accurate source. From ID and fraud-risk data to credit and automotive data to name but a few, iCache enables you to gain a better understanding of your customers, from financial status to risks associated with their vehicle, so you can accept a customer and provide a quote in a single API call.

iCache Infographic
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  • Custom Integration available
iCache Infographic

The benefits at a glance

Provide more accurate and competitive quotes

Reduce the risks of inaccurate or fraudulent information

Reduce customer application time by pre-populating applications

Improve profitability

Increase customer retention

Understand an individual’s ability to afford your products or services

Frequently asked questions

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