iCoder Discovery allows you to quickly understand your customers through the lens of Experian ConsumerView and Mosaic. You can upload your first party data securely and visualise the insights in a matter of minutes.

Functionality that delivers your goals

Through iCoder Discovery, you can quickly and easily gain access to insights which allow you to better understand your customers. You can upload your first party data and begin to paint a picture of your customers through an Experian ConsumerView lens; selecting from a number of dashboards, such as Mosaic or Financial Strategy Segments, to help you build up a visual profile of who your customers are.

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The benefits at a glance

Quickly understand your customers through intuitive dashboards

Access insights on demand through our self-serve online tool

Access a range of attributes and segmentations

Create profiles based on segments of your customer base

Simple and secure upload process

Direct access to our Segmentation Portal to add further insight

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