Identity IQ allows you to catch fraud before you grant access to your services, reducing the cost and impact of fraud and its investigation. All without impacting the customer journey, allowing your business to scale effectively.

Functionality that delivers your goals

Experian’s Identity IQ solution allows you to reduce customer friction and strengthen your identity verification across contact channels, by using knowledge-based authentication. Our extensive data allows you to create strategies and set randomly generated questions, which only the legitimate customer would know correct responses to, reducing both fraud and your operational costs while maintaining a secure and customer centric onboarding process.

Identity IQ
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Identity IQ

The benefits at a glance

Presents a set of customer focused questions that only the genuine customer would be able to answer information

Enables customers who may be successful in an electronic identity check to confirm their identity without having to go through manual checks

Gives a simpler way for existing customers to confirm their identity without the need to remember passwords or carry a token

Can be used across all channels including branch, call centre and online

Ideal for organisations looking to provide customers with an additional way to confirm their identity that doesn’t require extra processing

Identity IQ allows you to catch fraud before you grant access to your services

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