Identity Resolution is a data management process that checks, validates and appends information across devices and digital footprints using a unique matching process to create a single, data-rich profile for a person or business. It resolves customer data duplications and inconsistencies using both data management techniques and trusted reference data in tandem.

Power your matching needs with Experian technology and data

Many organisations want to achieve a clean, accurate and consolidated view of consumers and businesses with whom they transact. Whether in the private or public sector (and whether we call these identities customers, prospects, suppliers, students, alumni or citizens) disparate data silos, data quality and imprecise matching can create a major headache in creating that view.
Identity Resolution is a unique approach from Experian that combines our data, your data and our technology to give you confidence that your single view of identities will best serve whatever purposes you put it to. Moreover, it puts you in control of the process and offers complete transparency as to how matching decisions have been made.

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Download Identity Resolution Product Sheet

The benefits at a glance

Connect, profile and map data sources

Validate data

Add pinned consumer and commercial data sources

Create, monitor and apply match rules

Resolve duplicates

Evergreen data

Fuzzy matching

Workflow automation

The use of Aperture Data Studio has enabled Saga to move from a rudimentary to a sophisticated and systematic data quality measurement system within a couple of months.
Neil A’Violet, Saga
Image for - Be confident in your data with Identity Resolution

Be confident in your data with Identity Resolution

The digitisation of the customer experience, and its inherent implications for fraud and security breaches, is leading to organisations taking a fresh look at what they mean by ‘customer.’ Identity Resolution is the key to knowing who your customers are in a way that is fuller and more holistic than previous approaches.

Frequently asked questions

The solution uses rules-based fuzzy-matching to aid transparency of the matching process across complex data sets. Using supervised machine learning you can train the system to automatically generate new rule sets for one or many use cases.

Pinning data is matched against you own data sets and the results are ingested into Data Studio as a data set for interrogation, further matching exercises and reporting

Potential duplicates are clustered and full control is given as to how rules can be built to either select or build a best, or golden, record

We have native connectors to applications (eg CRM) and big data sources as well as high-speed JDBC connections to relational sources.

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