Combining KYB and KYC due diligence, our tools help verify businesses by applying multiple layers of risk detection to fully understand if the business or the owner is engaged in suspicious activity.

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KYB verification gives you access to a powerful, comprehensive range of datasets, combined with the insight you require, to better understand and verify your business customers, via a process that works for you.


How we verify businesses and their owners

The data sources relied upon by many to verify their business customers do not provide necessary level of scrutiny needed. Companies House simply gathers and processes data, but it does not verify the legitimacy of that data. Experian provides access to the most comprehensive breadth of data in the market and our KYB data verification process utilises over 20 different data sources. Multi-sourced data corroboration is critical for understanding customers and exposing hidden risks. A full historic view of companies and directorships, collected over many years, allows company movements and directorships across companies to be identified.

Our Key Party Screening data then allows you to confidently identify which individuals make up an organization (Ultimate Beneficial Owners and Persons of Significant Control), authenticate that they are who they say they are, and flag any criminal history or suspicious activity.

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The benefits at a glance

Better understand prospective and existing customers using multiple data sources to corroborate findings

Spot, prioritise and deal with suspicious activity as quickly as possible

Enhanced authentication of directors and PSCs as Experian have access to restricted data on residential addresses and dates of birth

Reduce time delays from manual processing and improve customer experience

Verify and evidence customer information and status, full corporate structure, all UBOs, PSCs and Directors

Streamline your processes, run consistent automated checks, and reduce operational costs

Quickly access key data about existing and new customers, reducing the risk of missing, hidden or changing information

Enrich your data with additional information from multiple data sources

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Learn more about our Know Your Business (KYB) API's

Interested in discovering our API's? On Experian's Developer Portal you can easily access our Know Your Business (KYB) API's. Get insight into Experian integration criteria by viewing instructions on how to easily access and integrate data and understand how our API's meet your business needs.

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