Can you trust who are you doing business with? It is vital that all UK businesses (particularly in regulated industries) carry a robust identification and fraud management solution for customer onboarding.


Finding the right balance – between stringent controls and a seamless user experience – is critical to an outstanding customer experience for onboarding. 

KYC Onboarding Solution

Using the right checks, at the appropriate time, based upon each specific risk profile, you can provide the right customer journey for each and every applicant

Taking this blended, multi-layered approach to onboarding, you maximise the number of “good customers” you can onboard, whilst protecting you and your customers against fraud.

What’s included:

  • KYC: ID Check, P&S, Mortality: Validate a new customer’s identity and check if that identity is a politically exposed person, sanctioned or appears on mortality databases.
  • Fraud Score: Having identified your customer, generate a trustworthiness score based on the data we hold for that person, with a recommendation to approve/refer (for further checks) or decline.
  • Mobile ID Verification: Check the reputation of the mobile device number submitted in the application and whether it is associated with your customer's identity.
  • Email risk score: Check the reputation of the email address associated with your customer to ensure it hasn’t been associated with fraudulent activity.
  • ID Document Verification: Check any documents provided by your customer are legitimate.
  • CrossCore: Whilst a multi-layered approach is essential, a single platform provides the flexible, co-ordinated, future-proof solution that customer onboarding requires. CrossCore provides the assurity, of all checks in one place, in a single platform
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The benefits at a glance

Simplify and streamline the onboarding process with a comprehensive solution

Leading identity verification and fraud management combined in a single package

Create an exceptional customer onboarding experience effortlessly

Leveraging the cutting-edge capabilities of Experian's CrossCore platform

Ensure the safety and protection of your business and customers

Stay ahead with the very latest tools and technologies

Achieve the right balance between customer experience and fraud prevention

Image for - Read our latest UK Identity and Fraud Report

Read our latest UK Identity and Fraud Report

As we continue to navigate a challenging economic environment, trends in fraud are evolving and business must adapt to detect and prevent the latest scams. The Experian Annual Identity and Fraud report delves into the views of over 2000 consumers, and 200 UK businesses to determine how fraud is changing and how business priorities are shifting in response.

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