Experian offers a mathematically-optimised credit line management strategy to help you find that sweet spot between maximising revenue and managing bad debt. By automating this process, we can tailor a custom balance model that will recommend the optimal strategy for you to be able to find the best credit limit for each customer.

Functionality that delivers your goals

We take bureau, client and peer group data and pair with (the latest) analytics and modelling techniques, including machine learning, to build you a bespoke and highly predictive model. We liaise with you throughout via our interactive web-based platform for complete visibility. We’ll design your strategy to your specifications and take into account any restrictions you need to create a custom balance model tailored to your business needs. We then identify multiple alternative strategies and predict their impact on your credit line campaign performance to give you a comparison. Finally, we quickly test the impact of these potential strategy changes, simulating the results in a safe offline environment. This lets you assess the campaign before activation for real, risk-free evaluation and flexible scenario modelling. This combination helps your client achieve full return from the project. No money is left on the table, revenue is maximised and risk reduced.

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The benefits at a glance

Increase credit limits at the right time and by the right amount to generate higher revenue without imposing risk.

Close the gaps between your cards and other issuers card limits to maximise profit.

Reduce operational costs and meet customer expectations for greater efficiency.

Assign lower credit limits for high-risk segments to manage losses and win business.

Make more accurate decisions and reduce risk by eliminating guesswork and using data-driven insight to inform and justify every action.

Easily integrated into your existing infrastructure with rapid results and proven reward.

Market to customers with a strategy uniquely tailored to their needs and preferences.

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