Location data, software tools and planning experts will help you identify the best locations when making valuable brick-and-mortar investments.

Functionality that delivers your goals

Understand the key demographic and behavioural characteristics of customers, where they live, and how far they travel to purchase goods and services. • Optimise location targeting through understanding the profile of the catchment area. • Predict demand for goods and services across geographical areas. • Assess the competition and their impact on the available opportunity. • Analyse what drives performance and benchmarking existing locations. • Expand site networks by accurately assessing the potential of new locations.

Location Analytics
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Location Analytics

The benefits at a glance

Expert experienced geospatial specialist team

Access to the largest most up-to-date data sources in the UK

Consist data available across the global

Visualisation using market-leading tools

Network Planning to help maximise sales across existing and new sites

Range of modelling capabilities from simple to highly complex

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