As marketing opportunities and channels increase in both the online and offline world, marketers need to understand the performance of their campaigns. Whether it is measuring a campaign or channel in isolation or a national campaign across many channels, the key to optimising budgets and performance is key now more than ever.

Functionality that delivers your goals

Experian has created campaign measurement solutions across many channels that enables marketers to understand the true performance of their activity. Experian provides secure, anonymised and privacy compliant campaign measurement solutions that meets the requirements of marketers by measuring key performance indicators such as ROI, incremental sales, share of wallet and channel attribution.

Summary of Marketing Campaign Measurement Tools
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Summary of Marketing Campaign Measurement Tools

The benefits at a glance

Impartial and holistic view of your campaign performance

Calculate ROAS and other key metrics across all stages of the campaign cycle

With our privacy-first ethos, we ensure our measurement functions are run with the consumer in mind

Single channel or multi touch attribution

In store sales, or local geography market and competitor analysis

Brand Uplift Studies measuring the overall impact and recall in general public

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