Marketswitch Optimisation offers a simple solution to what was previously a highly complex challenge, offering a number of deployment options to ensure that clients can benefit regardless of their existing infrastructure and systems.

Functionality that delivers your goals

Marketswitch Optimisation is a simple solution in a world where business infrastructures are complex, and customer expectations are becoming harder to meet. At any point in the customer lifecycle, from acquisition right through to debt management, Marketswitch Optimisation can help your business to evaluate competing goals and priorities and deliver customer-centric, personalised solutions.

Marketswitch Optimisation
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  • Cloud based
  • Custom Integration available
Marketswitch Optimisation

The benefits at a glance

Designed for business users to offer control but does not require mathematical expertise

Flexible deployment in batch, real time or strategy tree

Highly scalable to solve huge optimisation problems including Big Data scenarios

Interactive Scenario Analysis to evaluate objectives against operational and financial constraints

Multi-goal analysis to understand and visualise the trade-off between conflicting goals

Integrated with Experian’s PowerCurve and other leading decision management platforms

Frequently asked questions

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