Mortgage Passport from Experian integrates verified digital employment and payroll data into your decision making, with no payslips or bank statements to manually collect, streamlining the applications process and driving better, faster decisions that benefit your customers – and you.

Verify income, employment and expenditure in seconds

With interest rates rising and household incomes being squeezed, it is more important than ever before that brokers and mortgage providers obtain accurate information on an individual’s employment, income and expenditure. Mortgage Passport accesses payslip and banking information from source so you can make quicker, more accurate affordability decisions, safe in the knowledge that you’re using a verified source of information, while reducing risk and removing the opportunity of fraud. Reduce costs, cut time to source data and make better decisions, quicker with Mortgage Passport

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The benefits at a glance

Streamlined digital process, no payslips or bank statements to manually collect

Reduce costs, cut time to source data and make better decisions, quicker

Improve the customer experience with a quick and simple application journey

Increase lending volumes without increasing risk

Increase capacity by streamlining processes and cut operational effort

Gain a better view of an applicant’s employment details including tenure to enhance credit risk decisions

Summarised data in a clear format for quick review and analysis

Eliminate the possibility of fraud

At Smartr365 we believe [collecting payslip data directly from source] will change the process by which industry professionals verify income for good - allowing advisers to focus on the advice, and helping lenders deliver faster, better outcomes for their customers. It also provides new insights for lenders on a range of employment attributes (such as length of tenure and employment sector) which lead to more-informed decisions.
Conor Murphy, Founder and CEO, Smartr365

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