As places and people constantly intertwine, understanding their interplay becomes paramount. Mosaic + Mobility is Experian's answer to this dynamic. We decode this relationship, offering data and insights and empowering you to make informed marketing and location decisions in an evolving environment.

Mosaic and Mobility

Mobility and demographic insights for strategic decision-making

Mosaic + Mobility harnesses geolocation data to deliver a comprehensive understanding of human behaviours such as patterns and movements within various locations across the UK. This isn't just about mapping activity; we utilise advanced algorithms and extensive datasets to transform this data into clear, actionable insights about consumer interactions with different spaces and places.

Central to our approach is the integration with Experian's market leading Mosaic Segmentation. This means we don’t just show you 'where' interactions happen but also provide you with a rich understanding of 'who' is interacting, by delving into demographic insights. This allows you to tailor your strategies ensuring that your marketing and location decisions resonate effectively with your target audience. Whether you're keen to understand activity in a city, or delve deep into behaviours on a specific street, Mosaic + Mobility offers you the clarity and depth you need for informed strategy formulation.

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The benefits at a glance

Time-Based Visitor Analysis: Evaluate average visitor numbers across different times of the day and days of the week

Dwell Time Analytics: Gain insights into the average time visitors spend in each boundary

Multi-Location Visits: Track the average number of individual locations or buildings visited per trip

Annual Visit Trends: Understand the average number of visits made by each visitor over a one-year period

Geographical Origin Metrics: Identify the proportion of visitors coming from local, regional and national and international locations

Workforce Analytics: Measure the number of workers as a proportion of total visitors to each boundary

Catchment Area Mapping: Utilise data to understand where visitors and workers are coming from, thereby defining the catchment area

Demographic Profiling: Segment visitors by age group for targeted marketing or service adjustments

Frequently asked questions

Clients have the flexibility to access our insights through bespoke analytics projects delivered through our in-house analytical teams, self-serve platforms via Experian or carefully selected partners, or as data extracts for seamless integration into their own analytics platforms and processes, ensuring adaptability to individual operational needs.

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