Due to it's geographical nature, Mosaic Geo can be used across a broad spectrum of both commercial and third sector organisations, driving value in models and scorecards for a range of use cases, examples including affordability assessments, risk modelling, risk-based pricing, fraud prevention and identification, resource planning and information collection strategies.

Functionality that delivers your goals

Mosaic Geo encompasses a range of non-personal data assets, combined with extensive expertise in building geo-demographic segmentations to provide a solution which can drive value across all sectors and a whole host of use cases. Aggregated information on demographics, property characteristics, energy usage, urbanity, education, area characteristics, income & expenditure, and internet speeds, comes together to provide a deep insight into all parts of the UK. Mosaic Geo classifies all postcodes in the United Kingdom into a set of 52 homogeneous Mosaic types and 15 Groups.

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The benefits at a glance

Segment the UK postcodes based on similar characteristics

Blending insights from a range of data assets with a wealth of geo-demographic expertise

Driving value in scorecard and model development

Easily understand postcodes in more depth to make better informed decisions

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