Mosaic Shopper Segments helps retailers and brands develop and maintain a deep understanding of their existing customers or prospects to maintain relevancy and value. Personalised and relevant consumer experiences across all channels increases loyalty, sales value, and improves marketing effectiveness.

Functionality that delivers your goals

Mosaic Shopper Segments covers all aspects of consumers retail experience, providing a rounded view of today's hyperconnected consumer. Blending retail specific consumer insights from some of the UK’s largest market research organisations with a wealth of geo-demographic expertise & bespoke research on cross channel behaviours & technology adoption. All data inputs are selected based on their coverage, quality, consistency & sustainability, to create a consumer segmentation specifically designed to answer burning questions for the different sectors within the retail space.

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Download Mosaic Shopper Segments e-Handbook

The benefits at a glance

Segment the UK market with retail specific attributes

Incorporates the data strength of Mosaic UK

Deliver consistency of message across all channels

Personalise a new customer’s online path to purchase

All aspects of the consumer retail experience are covered

Blending insights from market research with a wealth of geo-demographic expertise

Frequently asked questions

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