Accurately capturing an employer’s name when onboarding a customer can help you verify their employment and better understand risk. The National Employer Database (NED) is a structured, searchable database of over 4.7 million UK employers created using Experian’s business information. It covers 99% of UK employees and includes associated metadata.

National Employer Database

The UK’s Employer Search Engine

A user can quickly and easily search for their employer in the National Employer Database (NED), similar in operation to a postcode look-up, choosing the employer’s name in a structured format, removing the risk of typing errors and reducing keystrokes by 43% in an onboarding journey. Validated additional insights such as Standard Industry Classifications (SIC) are instantly populated, speeding up and improving the user journey whilst accurate employer information is collected to inform real-time decisions. Access additional insights, eliminate typing errors and streamline customer on-boarding.

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The benefits at a glance

Collect accurate employer information that can be used for real-time credit decisions

Get insight from your data instantly, saving time and money on cleansing free-text entries

Use standard industry classifications (SIC) to replace user-entered industry fields to improve the accuracy of your data

Source additional metadata to improve analytics

Reduce application friction by reducing keystrokes by 43% and the need to capture SIC/Industry

Real time fuzzy matching returning suggestions in real-time even when your customer makes spelling errors, swaps letters or adds extra spaces

Easy to integrate into an application journey via our Employer Search API

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