Our unique No Questions Asked (NQA) Home Insurance Loss Model allows you to price home insurance based on just the address of the property.

Receive expected loss costs for 12 home insurance perils, such as fire, theft, escape of water and accidental damage for contents and buildings insurance in milliseconds.

Functionality that delivers your goals

No need to ask lots of questions about the property and its occupants. Simply produce a quotation for a prospective customer with just the address of the property. 

  • Up-to-date, property-level data 
  • EGL model created from Property Attributes and enriched by your Claims Data 
  • Delivered by API to your pricing engine 
  • EGLs for 12 perils for buildings and contents 
  • Underwriting flag 
  • Confidence score 
  • Probability of renewal 
  • Other useful data items (dynamic flood alerts, Flood Re Premium, data for reinsurance bordereau)

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  • On prem/Bureau
  • Custom Integration available
Download product sheet

The benefits at a glance

Quote on just the customer address

Simplified and consolidated access to external data sources

Based-on up-to-date, property-level and occupancy data

Opportunity to sell direct-to-consumers (D2C) to differentiate and build stronger customer relationships

Cross-selling opportunities (e.g. motor) provide an instant quote from already knowing the customer’s address details

Removes the burden of complex modelling, costly data sourcing and ingestion from inhouse operations

Bespoke model created when claims data is supplied

No set-up costs, no charge to build models, only pay when you sell a policy

Image for - Vlog: What is NQA? How will it change the insurance market?

Vlog: What is NQA? How will it change the insurance market?

Experian’s Royston Starling, Kate Crane and Kim Edmunds talk about how the new short question set will change the future of the insurance market.

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