Every employer has the legal obligation to check their future employee has the Right to Work in the UK. How do you ensure that you can obtain the required Statutory Excuse (an employer's defense against a £20,000 civil penalty)? Candidates want a remote check, and employers need a solution which works for all employees regardless of documents they have or where they are from.

How can you have a compliant solution now and in the future which is meeting legislation? Are you achieving operation efficiency, reducing costs and avoiding risks?

Our solution gives you complete confidence and control to obtain a statutory excuse, and much more.

How does the Right to Work eco-system helps employers like you?

Improve the efficiency and compliance of your HR Operations by going digital with our simple, secure, Right to Work checks. The leading SaaS platform to conduct Right to Work checks can verify candidates remotely using IDVT. It consists of a recruiter app, a candidate mobile app and web-based portal.

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The benefits at a glance

Get complete control and visibility for full compliance

Standardise your Right to Work checks to ensure internal consistency

Save time and reduces admin by 80%

Ensure you are kept up to date with UK regulation amends

Improve candidate experience and brand loyalty

Have the capability to automatically approve checks

Get operational advantage through accelerated recruitment

Reduce risk of GDPR fines, Civil Penalties, and Sponsor License loss

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Frequently asked questions

IDVT stands for Identity Document Validation Technology. It comprises several digital technologies including Cloud, Mobile, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning that digitise and automate processes that have traditionally been undertaken manually.

The Home Office has recognised that it is crucial for organisations to continue to conduct remote Right to Work checks as they have changed their working and hiring models over the Covid-19 Pandemic when the temporary COVID- 19 adjusted Right to Work checks were introduced. 


The Covid-19 temporary measures end on 30th September 2022 and the Government have made provisions for employers to use IDVT solutions to continue to conduct remote, digital RTW checks. 


However, in order for IDVT solution providers to offer remote digital RTW checks, the Home Office has stated that these solution providers need to be accredited against the UK Digital Identity and Attributes Trust Framework (UKDIATF) and as a certified Identity Service Provider (IDSP) of digital Right to Work checks.

Yes. The Experian RTW solution incorporates IDVT and has been accredited against the UKDIATF and certified as an IDSP to a High Level of assurance. This gives any organisation using the Experian RTW solution the confidence they are conducting remote RTW checks correctly, every time.

Yes, as an IDVT solution, the Experian RTW product has a new Candidate app that allows candidates to conduct Right to Work checks remotely themselves. 


This not only allows organisations to carry on conducting remote checks after 30th September, when Covid-19 adjusted checks end, but this can also take the burden of conducting RTW checks off hiring managers as the check is conducted by the candidate.

Yes. The existing employer app will still be available for organisations who will choose to conduct face to face RTW checks with physical documents as the Experian RTW solution has always done. The new candidate app will work in parallel with the employer app to give organisations a choice on how they want to conduct a RTW check.

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