Advances in technology, new business models, economic uncertainty, changing customer expectations and ever-evolving regulations mean there’s an increasing number of complex factors to consider when building your models. But while the market moves quickly, the process of changing and deploying models and scores to keep up is long, laborious and complex.

It’s a problem we’ve been working hard to solve here at Experian – and now we have. The result will change the way you use scorecards, forever.

Scoring and Models

Know the score and accelerate your growth

Respond quickly to market changes by creating effective strategies and applying the best, most up-to-date scores on the market in a matter of hours, not months. Powered by best-in-class data and machine learning, You can build, validate and deploy proactive and reactive models faster than ever before. As well as reducing both complexity and cost, you can boost your predictive power by up to 11% and help reduce bads by up to 20%.

This means you can make more of the right offers to the right customers at the right time, while managing risk, meeting customer expectations and lending in a fair, responsible way.

Target the right people - Find people who are more likely to respond to your offers and meet your credit criteria, using eligibility and pre-approval checks.

Acquire the right customers - Make the right offers at the right time to increase the likelihood of approval. Data is returned for 99%+ of all applications and on average 8.4 data items are returned for each application.

Set personalised credit limits - Offer only what customers can afford and increase limits as appropriate. Capitalise on cross-sell or upsell opportunities with new product offers, while meeting consumer duty obligations.

Assess arrears - Understand a customer’s ability to pay and take preventative action to reduce bad debt.

Improve debt-recovery rates - Determine the best collections actions and treatments thanks to greater insight into your customers.

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The benefits at a glance

Access data faster with more predictive power than ever before

Tailor lending decisions to accelerate performance and growth

Uncover new lending potential, with or without altering your risk appetite

Adapt quickly to ever-changing customer demands and market changes

Optimise your models, scores and business strategies, then deploy them in hours

Take advantage of more opportunities and waste less time, thanks to faster understanding and action

Better, simplified information via a single easy to use ranking tool

Prebuilt models to fit your every need – across consumer and commercial credit

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