An effective Single Customer View gives you the platform from which you can do a great deal; detangling overwhelming information flows into a single, focused stream of business-driving data; uncovering deep insight into customers and their behaviours; and applying this understanding for targeted engagement that translates investment into demonstrable bottom-line returns.

Functionality that delivers your goals

Understanding the make-up of your customer base is pivotal for building opportunities for targeted marketing and improving operational strategy and tactics. Single Customer View helps you to create a complete understanding of each and every one of your customers by integrating and consolidating all the data you hold about them in a single place, creating a rich view of your customers' identities profiles and interactions.

Single Customer View
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Single Customer View

The benefits at a glance

Improve profitability with more effective customer-level marketing

Make more informed risk decisions by fully understanding your risk exposure

Strengthen brand loyalty by moving to a customercentric approach

See the full picture, be confident you’re sending customers the information most appropriate to them

Become fully integrated with your database acquisitions

Reduce time to decision by consolidating your data to make quicker decisions

Safeguard your brand's reputation and help stay compliant by managing suppressions consistently

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