Millions of people have support needs. Like reading letters in large font, getting statements in Braille, being given more time to complete tasks, or using a British Sign Language interpreter. An estimated 27million consumers in the UK are identified as having a support need but just 2%* have shared that need with the financial institutions they use regularly. Support Hub delivers a single portal for consumers to share support needs and information to multiple organisations in one simple process, so they can:

  • Get improved support
  • See a clear list of support needs that each organisation offers
  • Save time
  • Avoid multiple conversations

*FCA and Capital One research


How Support Hub will benefit consumers

Support Hub is a consumer-facing solution that allows consumers to share their support needs to multiple organisations in a consented, transparent and standardised manner. Following deep research, rigorous testing, guidance from industry and vulnerability experts including the Disability and Accessibility Centre and most importantly from listening to people with lived experiences of a support need. Support Hub delivers a single portal for consumers to share support needs and information to multiple organisations in one simple process, so they can:

  • Get improved support
  • See a clear list of support needs that each organisation offers 
  • Save time
  • Avoid multiple conversations

By 2030, our aim is to help 7 million consumers connect to over 200 organisations to get the support they need. Join the collaboration. Get involved today and be part of the solution.

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Download the Support Hub product sheet

The benefits at a glance

Empower your organisation as a customer champion: Understand your customer’s circumstances with information directly from them.

Build a multi-channel support strategy. Supplement your existing support strategy to design more inclusive products, processes and experiences.

Proactively manage customer circumstances to drive better outcomes, ranging from improved inclusion, customer experience and financial management.

Benchmark your organisation’s support offering against what consumers are asking for.

Collaborate with leading organisations across different sectors to help define how consumers should be supported and learn from your peers.

Align with regulatory requirements including the Equalities Act and Consumer Duty.

Across the UK, millions of people will have accessibility or support needs that their banking provider can help with, but only if they know about them. The Support Hub makes the process of registering those needs really easy, and something that customers will only have to do once – rather than having to tell every company individually. Firms want to support their customers, and Support Hub makes it easier to tell firms about what support is needed. This is about making a customer-centric, simplified solution. I’m delighted that Nationwide has been able to participate in the pilot and it’s really exciting to see it coming to life.
Kathryn Townsend, Head of Customer Vulnerability at Nationwide Building Society, and UK Government Disability and Access Ambassador for the banking sector
Image for - Support Hub is underpinned by the Support List

Support Hub is underpinned by the Support List

The Support List is a community driven, open-sourced website which aims to improve accessibility for disabled people and those with support needs when dealing with businesses and other organisations. The purpose is to capture the requirements of those with support needs. Find out how you can get involved and share your feedback on the Support List.

Frequently asked questions

Our quantitative research of 1,400 customers, completed in 2022 with Revealing Reality, told us that: - 85% of vulnerable consumers have not shared their support needs with banks or building societies. This is even higher for telecoms (90%), credit card providers (91%) and pension providers (92%). - Over a third (36%) of vulnerable consumers that did not share their support need, did not because they did not know what was offered by organisations. - 70% of the consumers that do share, the vast majority are satisfied with the support they receive.

Anyone can request support by visiting https://experian.co.uk/supporthub

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