Are you looking for innovative new ways to grow your portfolio? You’ll find them with Trended Data. Our trended attributes and scores help you to understand the unique pattern of each consumer’s behaviour over time so you can make fair and appropriate decisions.

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Experian offers a range of trended data scores and attributes for the acquisition and management of consumers that eliminate the need for you to spend time analysing an enormous amount of information. Our trended data variables take the 72-month history of key fields, balance, credit limit, minimum payment indicators, actual payment amount and last payment date, extended arrears histories, and estimated spend, to produce valuable insight into an individual’s payment behaviour that has been included into our latest scores. With these new insights you can understand not only what a consumer looks like now, but also how they got there so you can predict where they are going.

Trended Data
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Trended Data

The benefits at a glance

Differentiate consumers with the same credit score through a more granular understanding of their credit trajectory

Increase the pool of people that will be able to be included within automated decision processes through the use of additional data sources

Offer more inclusive lending to people with thin files using more data sources allowing them to become visible to grow revenue

Treat consumers fairly and appropriately using credit behaviour trends to reduce detriment and reward good credit control

Enhance customer experience with quicker credit decisions reflecting a fuller picture of an individual

Quicker access to more data by using our API

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