Utilities Enrichment delivers comprehensive, up to date utilities data to support faster switching. With our market leading address validation technology users can capture customer addresses, validate and format against postal authority data and then append utilities information. Build an accurate customer profile in seconds for easy switching, improved data quality and deeper customer insight.

Real-time, accurate and up to date utility data with Experian’s Utilities Enrichment

Experian’s Utilities Enrichment has been designed to support those in the UK energy market. For businesses looking to comply with Ofgem's Faster Switching Programme, the fully compliant solution captures, cleanses and validates end user address details, and appends key utility information in just a few keystrokes, allowing market players to quickly and accurately build a full customer profile in order to facilitate switches. Delivered through a single, easy to integrate API, and backed by quality customer service, the solution aligns with Ofgem and REC guidelines, for easy, speedy switching with no compromise on customer experience. Plus, with our broad enrichment capabilities, it extends beyond faster switching to support a deeper understanding of your customer base. With a wealth of enrichment intelligence available, our API does more than offer compliance, it provides the insights to support business strategy, planning and execution.

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The benefits at a glance

Complies with the UK Government’s Faster Switching Programme, adhering fully to the regulated industry code

Single API with a comprehensive range of utility data attributes, real-time access and constant refreshing in line with the Central Switching Service

Reliable returns thanks to our powerful authoritative background datasets and modern RESTful interface

Scalable, speedy and performative, with 100% uptime over the last 12 months and the ability to handle over +1.7m requests per hour at peak times

Integrates easily into any CRM, ERP & eCommerce solution, webform and more for frictionless customer experiences

Capture, cleanse, format and validate address data in real-time before appending utility data

Broad enrichment capabilities beyond utility information: MOSAIC, FSS, business, health, government and geolocation datasets

Industry-leading customer support, clear and simple technical documentation and intuitive SaaS portal for account management

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