WealthView is the latest insight tool for wealth managers, offering insights into the growing UK wealth market. Understanding clients and their assets can be difficult especially if they are utilising multiple plans. WealthView can help to provide visibility of income, liquid assets and financial attitudes for a better understanding of client portfolios and effective multi-channel marketing.

WealthView for Financial Services

Functionality that delivers your goals

Better insights ultimately result in a better customer experience, as clients receive more relevant, effective advice and services aligned with their financial goals. WealthView has a comprehensive suite of features aimed to assist wealth managers in making sound decisions and discovering untapped opportunities within the UK's wealth market. Among the key components of this insight is a sophisticated dashboard visualisation tool, which includes market size and behaviour documentation. Clients can opt to append a range of wealth insights to their own customer base, such as income, asset band or segmentation models, resulting in a deeper understanding of client portfolios and headroom assessment. Using these insights, we can also offer a campaign-based pricing option, enabling you to reach target audiences through digital channels, direct mail and locational targeting. For further personalisation, the dashboard can be customised with first-party data, to support lead or model scoring.

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The benefits at a glance

Size and identify untapped markets: gain insights into the UK asset and income distribution

Optimise Headroom: understand and grow your share of customers wealth

Tailor services and offerings: understand consumer attitudes for more relevant communications

Optimise marketing: focus your campaigns through traditional, online or geo locational channels

Enhance competitive edge: make informed strategic decisions and stay ahead of competitors

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Introducing WealthView

This demo video will provide a short run-through of Experian's powerful insight solution, showing dashboard content and functionality for your analysis.

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