Understanding a customer’s financial wellbeing requires access to a variety of data. Easy access to this data is the key to creating better digital experiences and helping your business grow. Work Report™ is a quick, simple and secure way for customers to share their verified employment and income information with organisations they choose, directly from an employer’s payroll database, in seconds.

Make the move to digital verification and say goodbye to paper payslips

Accessing payslip information direct from source confirms financial stability. It helps you verify the employment status of a customer, their employer and tenure as well as their income, eliminating the need for physical documents and reducing the risk of fraud. Work Report™ provides the seamless digital experience your customers want with no payslips or bank statements to manually collect. Cut the time to source data and make informed decisions, quicker. With the power of Work Report™, you can make better, faster decisions that benefit your customers – and you.

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The benefits at a glance

Save time, cut operational effort and streamline processes with the UK’s first digital income and employment verification service

Say goodbye to manual collection and verification of paper payslips and letters of employment

Verify income, employment status and tenure in seconds

Make better informed decisions using the most up to date and accurate income and employment data

Remove friction and improve the customer experience making it easier and quicker for customers to access products and services

Attract and accept more customers online with no additional risk

Cut the risk of fraud to zero when accessing consented payslip data directly from source

Confirm an individual’s Gross and Net income, as well as understanding details such as commission payments and deductions

Our mission at Sage is to build experiences that connect, remove friction, and deliver new capabilities to the organisations that make up our network. That's why we're thrilled to be a partner of Work Report™; a new employment verification solution, powered by salary finance that will be made available to Experian's clients. This innovation brings simplicity and security to the sharing of payroll data... We believe that it will help employers save time and money, and enable employees to get access to fairer finance by verifying their employment status and income, digitally, directly from their employer.
Ceara Metcalf, Director of Product Management - Payroll and HR, Sage

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