Introducing Workforce Analytics for Retention, an innovative solution that uses our in-house predictive modelling technology to strategically analyse your employee data, helping you to make intelligent decisions on the future of your workforce.

Functionality that delivers your goals

We understand that your employees are your most important asset, but in today’s competitive recruitment market the demand for top talent is ever more prevalent. To stay ahead of the competition and achieve your business goals, you need to ensure you are retaining your employees, and reducing the high costs of employee churn - but making the right decisions on the future of your workforce can be tricky. Visualised in a simple to use online portal, Experian Workforce Analytics for Retention enables organisations to truly understand their employee population. Allowing the right HR strategy to be implemented at an overall macro, team and individual level.

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The benefits at a glance

Retain talent

Make data driven decisions

Lower attritian rates means lower costs

A happy workforce leads to a happy business

Interactive online platform providing a truly unique view of your employees and highlighting those at risk of leaving

Develop data driven HR strategies

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